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You’ve decided you want to start a home improvement project. Great! We’d love to help get you started. Whether you want to do it yourself or contact a professional landscaper, Privette Enterprises, Inc. can deliver the materials you need right to your doorstep. Request a FREE estimate today.

  • 1” crusher run

  • 8’s

  • 5’s

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"Knowing I like to do things on my own, I was glad to find out about PEI. I purchased screen soil which I was amazed to find out that they screened their own soil themselves. This cuts out the middle man and makes it very reasonable for me. The soil was very rich and clean. They dumped it right where I needed it. Planning on clearing some trees out of the back next year, I look forward to working with PEI again."


- D. Bell, Charlotte, NC

  • Pine bark nuggets

  • Pine bark fines

  • Single hammered mulch

  • Doubled hammered mulch

  • Play safe mulch

  • Dyed  mulches (black, brown, red)

  • Cedar mulch


Know your mulch

You deserve the best soil you can get for your projects for the best price. We screen our own and the savings are passed along to you! We offer screened soil, an equal blend of top soil and compost, or pure compost for your project.

You SAVE when we screen our own soil

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We stock high-quality landscaping materials.

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Our materials are sold by the cubic yard.  Not sure how much material you need?

Please call our office at 704-821-9161 and we will calculate it for you.


If you would like to measure yourself:


1 - Start out with the square footage of the area

Formulas for determining your Square Footage

Rectangle: Length x Width = Total Square Feet

Circle: 3.14 x Radius Squared = Total Square feet

Triangle: Length of Base x Length of Height x .5 = Total Square feet


2 - Determine the desired depth of the area in inches.

Inches deep - "X"

1" - 324

2" - 162

3" - 108

4" - 81

5" - 65

6" - 54

7" - 47

8" - 40

9" - 36

10" - 33

11" - 30

12" - 27

3 – Divide the total square feet by X (X = the depth above) = Total Cubic Yards



Example – A garden that is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide and you are adding 4 inches of compost.

14 X 10 = 140 total square feet  

140/X = total yards (X=81 for 4")

140/81= 1.7 cubic yards of compost