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When your home or property needs a completely new look, Privette Enterprises, Inc. has the tools to get the job done. If you need to break up or add new concrete to your driveway or patio, Privette has you covered! Give us a call today.

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"After I purchased my new home I was reluctant that the home builder did not grade the backyard to my liking. PEI came in and graded the back yard. After much needed rain I was impressed that I had no erosion or standing water in the backyard. I also had PEI Power Rake the front since I was having sod put in at my own cost. The sod laid flat and took very well."


-A. Smith Matthews, NC

Keep your property safe from excess water; no one wants to get caught with a flood on their hands! Let Privette Enterprises expertly assess and then adjust your land to protect your property.

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Create positive drainage

If you love the idea of a gentle slope to your lawns, Privette Enterprises, Inc. has got the rough grading services for you. We’ll remove a small layer of topsoil to sculpt your yard for your needs. Once you’re ready to begin your project, you’ll get our final fine grading for added finesse.

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